ANCEL A202 On-board Computer Car Digital Computer Display Speed Fuel Consumption Temperature Gauge OBD2 Automobile Scanner


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Brand Name: Ancel

Origin: Mainland China

Hardware Version: ANCEL A202

Special Features: Other

Software Version: Latest

Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools

Certification: CE

Language: English

Software Update: Yes

Model Name: ANCEL A202 Automobile on-board computer

Support: OBD2 Protocols not include J1850(J1850 PWM, J1850 VPM)

Language: English Only

HUD Digital Display: Display speed, water temperature, fuel consumption

On Board Computer Performance Testing: Brake performance test, vehicle acceleration test

OBD2 Engine Code Reader Function: Read and clear engine fault code

OBDII Early warning function: Water temperature warning, over speed warning, shift warning.

Hardware Version: OBDII OBD2 Hud On board Computer

Issue: 2023 Newest Car Diagnostic Tool

Display: 2.4 inch

Warranty: 1 Year

Note 1: Can not support J1850 Protocols car

Note 2: Its compatible requirement different from elm327

Note 3: Please Inquire before order if not sure

ANCEL A202: on-board computer auto

Note 1: Please read the details page carefully to view the scope of support for cars.

Note 2: China warehouse always has sufficient inventory


China warehouse always has sufficient inventory. If you can't pay it, please contact us, and we will help you solve it.


Please read the details page carefully to view the scope of support for cars.

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Automobile On-board Computer ANCEL A202 Car Digital OBD2 Computer Display Speedometer Fuel Consumption meter Temperature Gauge

A202 OBD2mini car trip computer is a small car instrument with powerful functions, which is especially suitable for vehicles without a tachometer, an engine temperature gauge and fuel consumption display functions.

A202 can display and monitor vehicle battery voltage, generator charging voltage, offering vehicle over speed alarm, high engine temperature alarm and monitoring and other functions.

It even can read vehicle data streams, read and erase engine fault codes.

Suitable for models:

Please Note:

This device based on OBD2 protocols , but it can not support J1850(J1850 PWM, J1850 VPM) !!

I suggest you ask us before you make order, espacially your car is Ford , Renault, Vaz, Ssangyong, LADA.

1). OBD2 device are not compatible with follow vehicles:

1)American Cars(From 2004)
for Chrysler, for Ford, for GM, for Jeep, For Chevrolet, for Cadillac, for Mustang, for Lincoln

2)European Cars(From 2005)
for Alfa Romeo, for SAAB, for Acura, for Opel, for Audi, for Seat, for Peugeot, for Bentley, for Skoda, for Daewoo, for Benz, for Daihatsu, for Land Rover, for BMW, for Vauxhall, for Citroen, for Volvo, for Fiat, for VW, for Ford, for Jaguar

3)Asian Cars(From 2008)
for KIA, for Isuzu, for Honda, for Mitsubishi, for Hyundai, for Dacia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Nissan, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota, for BYD, for Chery, for Geely, for Great Wall, for Karry


1.Not Support Russian Cars, VAZ,UAZ,LADA
2.Oil and electricity mixing, diesel powered car,Pick up, SUV,ORV not support

3). Not support some special cars (tested and absolutely cannot be supported):

Not for Vaz

Not for Nissan Altima 2005

Not for Toyota prius

Not for Nissan note 2006

Not for Nissan murano 2007

Not for Nissan livina 2008

Not for Nissan G11 2009

Not for Nissan Frontier 2012

Not for Nissan Sunny n17 2012

Not for Nissan Rouge 2014

Not for Honda CRV 2008

Not for Honda CRV 2016

Not for Honda HRV 2016

Not for Honda jazz 2010

Not for Honda V6 2010

Not for Honda element 2010

Not for Toyota Avensis 2008

Not for Toyota Porte 2009

Not for Toyota Allion 2009

Not for Toyota Prius 2012

Not for Toyota fortuner 2014

Not for Toyota Hilux Vigo 2015

Not for Toyota Altis 2016

Not for BMW X5 Diesel 2013

Not for Chrysler Silverado 2004

Not for Chrysler Vivant model 2007

Not for Chrysler Town and Country 2007

Not for Lincoln Towncar 2003

Not for Renault Clio 2 Phase

Not for VOVOL XC60 2005

Not for Perodua alza

Not for Perodua viva

Not for Perodua myvi lagibest 2012

Not for KIA morning 2008

Not for SRT-4 Dodge Neon 2004

Not for Dodge Durango 2004

Not for Pontiac Bonneville 2005

Not for Grand Marquis 2004

Not for Hybrids Camry XLE 2016

Not for GrandPrix (Pontiac grand prix) 2006

Not for Rainier 2005

Not for Jaguar XF 2011

Not for Ford Taurus 2003

Not for Ford Mustang 2004

Not for Ford Galaxy 2005

Not for Mitsubishi Outlander 2013-2016

Not for Hyundai accent ll 2011

Not for Hyundai i20 2012

Not for Hyundai Sonata 2013

Not for Hyundai santa fe 2013

Not for Hyundai 30 sw 1.6crdi 2008

Not for Chevrolet Silverado 2004-2005

Not for Chevrolet Trailblazer 2006

Not for Chevrolet Vivant 2007

Not for Skoda Fabia 2009

Not for Volvo XC60 2009

Not for Mercedes sprinter 2007

Not for Iveco Dayly 2006

Not for Seat Ibiza mouth 1.4 gasoline 2010

How to change units?

Please enter the setting page and click "UNIT" to set the unit, there are two modules, one is "IMPERIAL", the other is "METRIC". The unit of "IMPERIAL" module represents the unit of "℉", "m/h", METRIC" module It stands for "℃" and "km/h", you can update the need to choose.

OBD2 On-board Computer Functions :

1. Digital Display:

Display speed, water temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, hour fuel consumption

2. Performance Testing:

Brake performance testing, vehicle acceleration test,

3. OBD2 Engine Diagnostic Functions:

Data flow function display, display color configuration, fault code scanning, fault code clearance and other functions,

4. Early warning function:
Water temperature warning, over speed warning, shift warning.

Car Computer Diagnostic Tool Advantage:

1. OBD2 Plug-and-Play, easy to install

2. You can choose petrol and diesel vehicles .

3. Highlight LCD display, automatic brightness.

4. Main Screen digital color: 8 colors choose(red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink, white)

5. Unit selection:

Unit of SPD: km/h or MPH

Unit of CWT: ℃ or ℉

Unit of Fuel: L/100km or MPG

6. Sleep time set: You can set when the device will turn off after the engine is turned off.

7. Set engine displacement , fuel consumption more accurate.

8. Especially for vehicles without a temperature gauge, tachometer and fuel consumption meter.

How to set the unit?

Enter the "SYSTEM SETTINGS" menu and select "UNIT". If you select "METRIC", you will get the temperature unit "℃" and the speed unit "Km/h". If you select "IMPERIAL", You will get the unit "℉" and the speed unit "MPH"

OBD2 Function

1.Erase Codes
2.Read Codes
3.Data Stream

Workable for driving environment

Multiple display modes,easy switch

Adopt imported AI chip,intelligent reminder

Speed color will change as different speed

How to Install the ANCEL A202 Car Computer:

1. Insert the product into the check port on the vehicle OBD2 computer;

2. Insert the other end of the product into the data interface of the host;

3. After the product is inserted into the host and the car is started, wait for the communication linkage between A202 and the car;

4. After the linkage is successfully established, the host will send a "drop" sound, at the same the display screen displays vehicle protocols and then indicates that it is the first time the product is used to set up parameters. (International universal OBD2 plug protocol definitions stipulated by SAE).

Common problem:

Q1: Why does it automatically turn off after a period of time?

A1: Its default sleep time is 30s, So when your engine is turned off, it will automatically turn off after 30s .please choose "Sleep Time Set" to set the sleep time.

Q2: Why my car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally?

A2: When used in some cars, car dashboard lights or fault alarm lights are caused to be lit up abnormally, choose"Product inf" -"Matching inf" to see the solution, and use needle-nose pliers to twist off excess pins to eliminate such phenomena.

6.Product Detail


Operating voltage: DC 9-18V

Operating current: <100mA

Sleep current: <10mA

Operating temperature: -20~85℃

Display: 2.4 inch

Resolution: 220*180

Product volume: 90mm*70mm*60mm

Cable Length: About 1.45m

Note: Due to the different measurement methods, there may be an error of 1-2 cm.

Features of product hardware: 32-bit ARM CORTEX-M3 CPU, with 72MHz maximum operating frequency, in support of multiple high speed automotive communication protocols

Package List:

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Ancel A202

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CHINA, United States, spain, Russian Federation, CZECH REPUBLIC, Mexico


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ANCEL A202 On-board Computer Car Digital Computer Display Speed Fuel Consumption Temperature Gauge OBD2 Automobile Scanner