DAWNKNIGHT K7C 4300K H7 H4 H11 Led Lamp 3 Copper Tube Led Lights For Car H1 HB3 9005 HB4 9006 12V Led Headlight Bulb


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Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: 110W/Pair-150W/Pair


K7C product features:


1,The two versions of K7C 150W and 110W are quite different, please read this paragraph before ordering to decide which version to buy. 150W has higher power and higher brightness, but we only recommend using it in projector headlights; 110W adopts the design of K5C 110W version, which optimizes the driving scheme and heat dissipation system. One model is the exception, this difference has no effect on the H4 model, both the 150W and 110W H4 models are suitable for use with reflectors.

2, there is no obvious difference between the K7C 110W brightness and the K5C 110W brightness and the K7C performs better in some projectors. As the K7C has an additional copper tube and an improved cooling fan, the operating temperature will be reduced by around 8°C to 10°C. The H7, H11, 9005, 9006 and 9012 K7C models add a temperature sensor to the chip position, which has a positive effect on chip overheating protection. Please note, the temperature sensors for H1 and H4 are located at the bottom of the copper tube, AND reduce the H1 and H4 by 5W per lamp compared to other models.

3. Early versions of K8C Warm White were more whitish in color, they were more like 5000K. Currently we have solved this problem. The latest version of the K8C 4300K is more yellow than the old model and is the same color as the K5C 40W 4300K. But it should be noted that the warm white color we offer is different from halogen lamps. If you would like to order a bulb that is the exact same color as a halogen bulb, our 4300K bulbs may not fit your needs.


Special reminder.

1. Some vehicles need to install a decoder after using LED, otherwise the following situations will occur:

·One of the two light bulbs is off or flickering.

·A fault light appears on the instrument panel.

·after the low beam is turned on, one of the bulbs turns on the high beam function uncontrollably.

These situations indicate that you need to modify the decoder.

2. Adding LED bulbs is a kind of modification, which is not applicable to all cars. Some models require the front bumper to be removed to install the LEDs, and some installation fees may apply. We will not bear any installation costs. Please try to light up the LED and test before installation to make sure there is nothing abnormal before removing the front bumper to avoid unnecessary costs.

3. LED has temperature adjustment function. As the temperature of the bulb increases, the power will drop to a certain extent. This is normal and will help the lamp last longer. The power provided in the data is laboratory data and does not represent the power after long-term operation.

4. This product is not suitable for fog lights, deposits will reduce the life of the cooling system, if you need to use it in fog lights, please contact the staff, we will recommend a more suitable bulb for you.

5. The 4300K LED that comes with this product is not the same color as the 4300K Halogen. 4300K LEDs are yellowish, 4300K halogens are reddish, they have different color coordinates. If you are looking for the same color as the halogen lamp, please buy the halogen lamp directly.

6. Additional adapters are required for some vehicles to install H1/H7, if you are not sure whether your vehicle needs an adapter, please contact our staff. Orders from this link do not include additional adapters


Operating voltage: DC 9-12V

Chip:150W=7035 LED Chip,110W=K-XP LED Chip

Operating temperature: -40degC ~ +80degC

Colour temperature: 6000K/4300K

Chip power: 110W/Pair,150W/Pair (H1 and H4 models will be 10W/Pair lower than other models)

Design. All-in-one design with cooling fan

With canbus function

System life. >50,000 hours

Design. All-in-one design with cooling fan

Heat dissipation principle: aircraft aluminium 6063 

Actual power is 90% of theoretical power.

Car suitable models. 90% of car models on the market


Product includes

A pair of LED bulbs 

One English manual


Product guarantee.

100% brand new products

100% original production

Supplied with 1 year original manufacturer’s warranty



Do not know the Interface model of your car headlight ?

1, View the instructions of your car headlight.

2, ask the Car manufacturers which you bought your car from for help.

About the canbus decoder:

After installing the LED bulb, one of the following conditions appears for the headlights.

Please don’t worry, there is no problem with the light bulb, just your car needs to install an additional decoder:

1. One bulb flickers or one bulb does not light.

2. The dashboard shows the headlight failure.

3. After replacing the H4 headlight bulb, turn on the high beam light, but light the low beam light.

Please contact our customer service and we will help

About the adapter

The lamp holders of some cars are not standard designs, and additional lamp holders are needed to complete the installation of the LED bulbs. If you are not sure whether you need an adapter, please contact our customer service and attach a photo of the lamp holder structure. We will provide assist (H7/H1)

About Shipping:

Generally , we will ship your order in 1-5 working days.

If ship from China , it’s about 10-60 days (Most countries only take less than 28 days).

If ship from The Russian Federation , most of areas is about 2-15 days.

Some areas is about 15-45 days(Only available on The Russian Federation).

Sometimes due to holidays or force majeure factors, Big promotion (11.11). such as customs strikes ,bad weather, lead to logistics delays.

If the delivery date is coming , but you haven’t received the item , please cantact us to extend the delivery date.

About the brand:

Our store opened in 2019 and has accumulated nearly 20,000 followers. We have been committed to providing customers with brighter and more reliable LED bulbs.

We always adhere to the business philosophy of customer first. If you shop in our store, you don’t need to worry about warranty issues. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and provide all possible services.

At the same time, all our products support wholesale or dropshipping cooperation. If you have this idea, please feel free to contact us.


Additional information

Emitting Color

150W, 110W


4300K, 6000K

Socket Type

9012(HIR2), D Series, H8, H1, H11, H7, 9005/HB3, H4, 9006/HB4

Ships From

CHINA, Russian Federation, uzbekistan


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DAWNKNIGHT K7C 4300K H7 H4 H11 Led Lamp 3 Copper Tube Led Lights For Car H1 HB3 9005 HB4 9006 12V Led Headlight Bulb