Foxwell NT630 Plus OBD2 Automotive Scanner Engine ABS SRS EPB OIL SAS Calibration Code Reader ODB OBD2 Auto Car Diagnostic Tool


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Brand Name: FOXWELL

Origin: Mainland China

Hardware Version: Newest

Software Version: Newest

Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools

Certification: CE

Language: Dutch

Language: English

Language: French

Language: German

Language: ITALIAN

Language: Japanese

Language: Korea

Language: Portuguese

Language: Russian

Language: Spanish

Language: Swedish

Language: Thai

Software Update: Yes

Product name: FOXWELL NT630 Plus Automotive Scanner

Promise: 100% Original FOXWELL

Warranty: 2 Years

Upgrade: Lifetime Upgrade for Free

Function 1: ABS Airbag Reset Tool, SAS Calibration, ABS Bleeding

Function 2: Full OBD2 Check, Read/clear data, Live date, freeze Frame

Function 3: Auto Vin Reading, print report

Function 4: Active or control ABS/Airbag system and component

Feature 1: Multi Language

Feature 2: Wide coverage, up to 2023 models

Feature 3: scanner automotivo em portugues brasil

NEW Functions: Oil Light, EPB Light Reset

2023 NEW RELEASED: Oil Service Light Reset, EPB Electronic Park Brake Reset

Never Miss this Comprehensive Foxwell NT630 Plus Code Reader Scan Tool!

This innovative NT630 Plus ABS and Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Function does not only have extensive coverage of vehicles but it can also provide accurate and professional diagnosis of ABS and Airbag faults. Perform the BIDIRECTIONAL SCAN FUNCTIONS for ABS/ SRS systems.This new NT630 OBDII scan tool is just the wonderful automotive tool that professional mechanics can’t wait to have.

Powerful Performance Compare to Others

Foxwell NT630 Plus Support Functions:

●3 Modules Diagnosis: Scan ABS/SRS/OBD2 modules error faults to check the issues that caused the warning light on and turn off the MIL after maintenance.

●Bidirectional Control/ Active Test: Do the active test on the ABS/Airbag system and components, including Auto Bleed Test/ Setup SDM Serial Number/ ABS Manual Control Tests/ ABS Motor Test/ ABS Version Test/ Actuator Tests, etc.

The abs scan tool code reader temporarily allows you to do bi-directional diagnostic tests on the system and components of anti-lock brake systems and air bags, sends commands to the integrity of abs srs systems or vehicle’s modules to test the working status without using the vehicle controls and and when you exit the test, the system/component returns to normal operation.

●ABS Auto Bleed: The air will get inside when the brake system opened to replace components such as calipers, wheel cylinders, the master cylinder, or brake lines or hoses. To get a firm brake pedal, the air has to be removed by bleeding the brakes. This abs auto bleed scan tool will help bleed the brake, cycling the pump and valves during the bleeding process.

●ABS/ Airbag Light Reset Tool: Reading ABS and SRS/ Airbag error codes, point out the car issues and guide you to repair them. Besides the normal diagnostic functions that others can do, it will reset the ABS & SRS system after maintenance to let the ECU identify the new components to make it work normally.

3 Resets Service, NO Extra Fee

●SAS(Steering Wheel Angle Sensor) Calibration: calibrates of the steering angle sensor and stores the current steering wheel position as straight-ahead in the sensor EEPROM. On successful calibration of the sensor, its fault memory is automatically cleared.

●Oil Light Reset: offers help to reset the Oil Life Reminder (turn off the Oil Service Light) when the replacement of engine oil is done in case of the impurities in oil may damage the engine. So vehicles can recalculate another optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate. Your driving safety also gets ensuring.

●EPB Service: Reset the brake pad after the repairs in the electronic parking brake system is done, which includes deactivation and activation of the brake control system, bleed brake fluid, open and close brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement. Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality, initializes the wear indicator if new pads are installed and deactivates or re-activates brake control system. By using this function, the braking process is therefore made much simpler and easier.

Full OBDII Engine Check Light Code Reader

This NT630 obd2 scanner diagnostic tool will scan all of your obd2 modules, show you the I/M readiness before the annual inspection. Monitoring the engine’s health, locate bad sensors, which cylinder was misfire and more engine’s faults. Guide you to do the maintenance work to make it safety driving again or to replace a new car. Reducing the potential driving risk and keep a great status for a safety journey.

What Else You Can Get?

Lifetime FREE Update Online
Download FoxAssist to Upgrade

Auto VIN is a shortcut for the VIN reading menu, which typically includes the following options:
1.Automatic VIN Acquisition
2.Manual input VIN

2 in 1 Live Data
Reading vehicles codes and show you real-time live sensor data in text and graph. You can monitor the live data to check if there are some faults with your vehicle.
Shows 2 PIDs simultenouly and supports merge them into one to compare.

Diagnostic Report Print

Foxwell NT630 Plus Support Language :

Each device only include 2 kinds language , the one is English , and the other one you can choose from the follow language:

Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French,Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Thai, German, Chinese

Foxwell NT630 Plus Support Car List :

Asian Car (2003 to now model)

for Acura, for Daewoo, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Isuzu, for Infiniti, for Kia, for Lexus, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Perodua, for Proton, for Scion, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota.

European Car (2001-now model)
For Audi, for Abarth, for Alfa-Romeo, for Aston Martin, for BMW, for Bugatti, for Bentley, for Citroen, for Dacia, for EU Ford, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for Jaguar, for Lamborghini, for Lancia, for Land Rover, for Maserati, for Mini, for Maybach, for Mercedes Benz, for Opel, for Peugeot, for Porsche, for Renault, for Rolls, for Saab, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Sprinter, for Vauxhall, for Volvo, for VW, for VWCV.

American (USA) Car (1996-now model) :
for Chrysler, for Ford, for GM, for BrazilGM, For Brazilfiat

Foxwell NT630 Plus Reset function Support List

ABS&SRS Support Car List

for Abarth,for Acura,for Alfa,for Audi,for Bentley,for Mercedes Benz,for BMW,for Bugatti,for Chrysler,for Citroen,for Dacia,for Fiat,for Ford,for GM(for Buick,for Daewoo,for Chevrolet,for Cadillac,for Holden),for Honda, for Infiniti,for Isuzu,for Jaguar,for KIA,for Hyundai,for Lancia,for Land Rover(for Defender,Discovery,Range Rover,Freelander),for Lexus,for Maybach,for Mazda,for Mini,for Mitsubishi,for Nissan,for Opel,for Peugeot,for Porsche,for Renault,for Saab,for Scion,for Seat,for Skoda,for Smart,for Sprinter,for Subaru,for Suzuki,for Toyota,for Vauxhall,for Volvo,for Volkswagen

SAS Support Car list

for Lancia,for Land Rover,for Lexus,for Maserati,for Maybach,for Mazda,for Mercedes Benz,for Mini,for Mistubishi,for Nissan,for Opel,for Peugeot,for Renault,for Romeo,for Scion,for Seat,for Skoda,for Subaru,for Toyota,for Vauxhall,for Volvo,for VW

many more……

Package List:

1 pc x Foxwell NT630 Plus
1 pc x User's Guide
1 pc x Memory Card
1 pc x USB Cable
1 pc x Diagnostic Cable
1 pc x plastic case or carton box

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carton box, plastic box

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CHINA, United States, GERMANY, spain, Australia, brazil, CZECH REPUBLIC


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Foxwell NT630 Plus OBD2 Automotive Scanner Engine ABS SRS EPB OIL SAS Calibration Code Reader ODB OBD2 Auto Car Diagnostic Tool