V2.1 Super ELM327 Bluetooth Torque for Android Car Diagnostic cable ELM 327 obd2 code readers scan tools


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Brand Name: LAUNCH

Origin: Mainland China

Hardware Version: v2.1

Special Features: Bluetooth

Software Version: v2.1

Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools

Certification: CE

Language: Arabic

Language: Czech

Language: Denish

Language: Dutch

Language: English

Language: Finnish

Language: French

Language: German

Language: Greek

Language: Hungarian

Language: ITALIAN

Language: Japanese

Language: Korea

Language: Norwegian

Language: Polish

Language: Portuguese

Language: Russian

Language: Slovenia

Language: Spanish

Language: Swedish

Language: Thai

Language: Turkish

Software Update: No

elm327 function: obd2 code reader scanner

ELM327 operation system: Android phone/Tablet pc , win 7/xp system with v2.0 BT

elm 327 obd2 Feature: ELM327 Bluetooth-compatible

elm 327 function: car diagnostic tool

ELM 327 V2.1 protocol: 7 protocols for almost cars after 1996 us car , 2002 eu car

elm327 support cars: almost cars after 1996 us car , 2002 eu car

elm327 chip: oem chip

elm327 password: 1234 , 0000

elm 327 main function: Read Fault Code& Clear Fault code

V2.1 super elm327 support software: TORQUE PRO, DASH COMMAND, OBD Doctor

Choice: yes

1. This kinds of ELM327 Bluetooth-compatible is just for Android system , does not support IOS system ( pls choose elm327 wifi for IOS .

2. About support car model,we can't promise this product can support all car,if it don't support your car,we can't refund to you,if you don'tagree it,please don't place order,thank you.

PS: If TORQUE can connect elm327 well , but shows the error “can not connect the ecu”,that mean elm327 is good, it does not supportthe car .

3. Works onPhone: Open your android phone software–Setting–Connecting Type–OBD2 Adapter Setting–BT–Choose BT Device–OBDII.

Works oncomputer: pls make sure the BT version of computer is V2.0 , or BT can not connect .

4. ELM327 just support 12V cars , does not support 24V truck . And it just supports the car with obd2 16pin connectors, does not support extend cable for not 16pin connector .

5. pls clear all information if your android phone connect to your old ELM327 before, or the new elm327 will have problem for connection.

6. if your phone can connect with the device, but it can't find your car:Please check if you have choosed the "OBDII" adapter of "adapter choice" in software setting;Please check your Android systerm version is above V4.0 ( does not test the newest version of Android ) ; Please check the protocol of your car;Try more new cars.

7.It just supports the software in CD .

8. Please close anti-virus programmer when install software,take easy,software in CD are safe to your computer.

9. Item CD will maybe easily broken in shipping way,so if CD cant' readable,please DO CONTACT us to send you download link ,DO NOT DISPUTE!

10.Using tip:Please Don't Disassemble Apart the Body Yourself, Or We Won't be Responsible for Repair .

1.Software version :v2.1

Hardware version:v2.1

2.working voltage:12v

3.baud rate:9600 or 38400LED

4.This type uses the cheapest elm327 program, supporting all OBDII protocols and completely the same functions with those expensive

one.Newest ELM327 V2.1 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Wafer Chip ELM 327 Auto OBDII Car Diagnostic Tool For Android EOBD Code Reader


6.System support :Android system phones, Symbian system phones, Windows XP and WIN7 32bite .

Installation step : Elm327 Obd2 Scanner Code V1.5 V2.1 Bluetooth OBD2 Automobile Detector Code Reader Obd2 Car Scanner Diagnostic Repair Tools

1.Install OBDII

2.Install Android SoftwareTorque_v1.5.58.apk

Location:CR-ROM—OBD software—OBDII Phone system software—Blueteeth OBD system—For


a)Copy software to phone from CD

b)Install Software

3.Connection OBDII Super ELM327 V2.1 Bluetooth-Compatible OBD2 Scanner Wifi ELM 327 V1.5 On Android IOS Car Diagnostic Tool OBD II Code Reader

a)Search OBDII Bluetooth-compatible

b)Enter the password “1234

c)Connection Success

4.Run Software

Click Menu button setting Bluetooth-compatible connection

Successful connection Bluetooth ELM327 Latest Version V2.1 V1.5 Auto OBD Scanner Code Reader Tool Car Diagnostic Tool Super ELM 327 For Android

Super Elm327 Bluetooth-compatible V2.1 Latest Version
1. It only works with car (can not support Diesel or Truck).
2. It only works with Android 4.0-Android 4.4 version.
3. Please connect the item to your phone through Bluetooth-compatible OBD II option.
4. ELM327 can do MOST of the OBDII vehicles, but it CAN NOT do all models.
5. It CAN NOT work on IOS, if you need an item which work on IOS, pls buy our WIFI ELM327
6. If the CD is broken, pls download the software from : 360diag.net . Sorry for the inconvenience to you
It supports almost OBD-II protocols.
It is the latest version 2.1
Bluetooth-compatible connection, no Batteries, Cables, or Switches.
Bluetooth-compatible 5~ 10 meters
Retrieve Fault Codes (DTCs) and clear Check Engine lights.
Can also be used with a PC with a Bluetooth-compatible Card.
Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
Set the maximum number of responses to obtain
Remove spaces from ECU responses (to speed data transmission)
Store a unique identifier in EEPROM
Set the CAN mask and filter with one command
Easily switch between variable and fixed CAN message lengths
Send CAN remote frames (RTRs)
Display current sensor data, including:
Engine RPM
Calculated Load Value
Coolant Temperature
Fuel System Status
Vehicle Speed
Short Term Fuel Trim
Long Term Fuel Trim
Intake Manifold Pressure
Timing Advance
Intake Air Temperature
Air Flow Rate
Absolute Throttle Position
Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
Fuel System status
Fuel Pressure
Many others…
Our scanner is suitable to all car brands, but not all car models. Before you make order, please check whether your car model has one of the following protocols.
Multi-Protocol Support:
1. ISO9141-2(5 baud init, 10.4Kbaud)
2. ISO14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 Kbaud)
3. ISO14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 Kbaud)
4. ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
5. ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 500 Kbaud)
6. ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
7. ISO15765-4 CAN (29bit ID, 250 Kbaud)
A.SAE J1939 CAN (29bit ID, 250*Kbaud)
B.USER1 CAN (11*bit ID, 125*Kbaud)
C.USER2 CAN (11*bit ID, 50*kbaud)
*default settings (user adjustable)
Vehicle Coverage:
Works on almost OBD2 Vehicles (1996 onwards in USA) and EOBD vehicles
for Alfa Romeo/ for Audi / for Bentley/ for BMW/ for Cadillac/ for Chevrolet/ for Chrysler / for Citroen/ for Daewoo/ for Fiat/ for Ford/ for G-M/ for Honda / for Hyundai/ for Isuzu/ for Jaguar/ for Jeep/ for Kia/ for LandRover/ for Lexus/ for Mazda/ for Mercury/ for Mini/ for Nissan/ for Mitsubishi/ for Opel/ for Peugeot/ for Posch/ for Renault/ for Rover/ for Saab/ for Seat/ for Skoda/ for Toyt/ for Vauxhall/ for Volvo/ for VW
For your information:
For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.
Software Included:
Scantool_net113win (Full Version)
EasyOBDII V2.2 (Free Version)
OBD2Spy (Demo Version)
Scan Master-ELM (Demo Version)
wOBDCRAZY  (Demo Version)
This hardware can match much other software still! But most of them are not free!
Works for Windows98/ME/2000/XP/Vista & Win 7!
This tool does not match abs and airbag system!
BT pair code: 1234
Packing List:
A.1*EOBD/OBD2 Bluetooth-compatible Diagnostic Interface
Q: What's the version of this unit?
A: It's V2.1 version of this unit
Q:What's the difference for the Version V1.5 and V2.1?
A: The V1.5 version one can do much more car models than V2.1 one. V1.5 Version can support SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud) and SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud) Protocols, but ELM327 V2.1 can not support
If you need ELM327 V1.5, pls kindly check it here: http://kingbolen.aliexpress.com/store/group/ELM327-V1-5-Version/803871_502521179.html
Q. What's the Password of the BT?
A: It's "1234"
Q: If it can do all most car models and diesel car models?
A: No, it can just support most standard OBD II car models, Dieser car models can't be supported
Q: Which android system phone can compatible?  If it can compatible with Iphone?
A: Please kindly use Android V 4.0- 4.4 . The Iphone can't be supported
Q: Why my computer can't connect with this BT ?
A: This unit is with V2.0 version Bluetooth-compatible , check your computer if it's V2.0 version, or please use V2.0 Bluetooth-compatible adapter
Q:Why my phone can't connect with the BT?
A: Please kindly check if you choose the BT connect way in software setting
Q:My phone can connect with the unit, but it can't find my car?
A:  1. please check ifyou choose the "OBD II" adapter of " adapter choice" in setting software. 2. check if your android system version is V4.0 – 4.4 .  3. check the protocol of this car if it can be supported, and try with more new cars
Q: If I still have question, what should I do now?
A: please kindly contact with the Seller, please don't ever open a dispute or just left a negative feedback. Thank you.
Q: How to see if your vehicle is comliant with OBD II?
A: Please pop the hood and look for a sticker named "VEHICLE EMISSION CONTORL INFORMATION".

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ELM327 BT V2.1, ELM327 BT V2.1 1, ELM327 BT V2.1 2, ELM327 BT V2.1 3

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V2.1 Super ELM327 Bluetooth Torque for Android Car Diagnostic cable ELM 327 obd2 code readers scan tools